On-Board Entertainment

With the Transportal Media on-board entertainment solution, you can provide your passengers with a range of information, movies, TV shows, games and magazines, when they connect their smartphone, tablet, or laptop to your on-board network.  Not only does this increase satisfaction levels by providing high quality, relevant content, it also reduces the amount of passengers using the on-board internet connection therefore enhancing the Wi-Fi experience as well as reducing your data charges at the same time – win win.


Onboard content can include:

  • Movies

Through our media partners we can provide a catalogue of movie content to engage your passengers, movies can range from short BAFTA winning films to Hollywood blockbusters.

  • TV Shows

A wide range of  TV series episodes and box-sets are also available, ranging from old classics to today’s latest soap episode.

  • News feeds

The latest news headlines can be made available to your passengers keeping them up to date with current affairs.  Advanced news can also be available such as newspaper articles or full programmes.

  • Weather updates

Local weather information is available via the on-board GPS, weather conditions can be displayed at the current location or destination.

  • Music

Allow passengers to stream a wide selection of high quality music in both audio or video format.

  • Games

Many fun and entertaining games for all age groups, compatible with all devices.

  • Magazines

Magazine content converted into a device-friendly format so that it can be read conveniently on laptops, tablets and mobiles, but cannot be saved or taken away.

  • Journey information

Provide passengers with detailed information about their journey including a map of their current location, speed and direction, plus any delay information and travel alerts.