Passenger Information

Setting expectations is key to a happy customer.  With the on-board portal you can provide your passengers with the latest information about on-board services, rewards schemes, urgent notices as well as their journey information.

Journey Information

Keeping your passengers informed of their progress is key to setting expectations.  Features are available from a basic moving map to route information, current progress and status as well as scheduled and estimated times of arrival.

Location Based Information

Using the vehicles GPS position, we can display information on the portal that is relevant to the area the vehicle is in.  This allows for information to be served regarding local hotels, visitor attractions and restaurants.

Passenger Notifications

If you need to get instant information to your passenger, you can use the Transportal Platform to deliver those messages directly to the users own devices or in-vehicle screens in a moments notice.

Content Management System

Just like your corporate website, you can control all aspects of your portal via an easy to use web-based content management system. This allows you complete control over what your passengers see when they log on. Edits can be made and pushed out to vehicles at a moment’s notice.


Media portals are available in any language, including Cyrillic and Asian scripts. All content within the CMS can be input in multiple languages. You can offer more than one language and allow passengers to switch between different languages and content.