Independent Consultancy

Transportal Solutions offer independent network consultancy.  With vast experience and expertise in designing networks, our qualified engineers can assist you in getting the most from your investment and achieving the full potential of your on-board network.

If you are looking to enable your on-board staff to be more productive, save your company money, increase your passenger satisfaction, we can help you achieve this.

The performance of your on-board network is not simply down to the cellular speeds available or the amount of antennas on the roof of your vehicle,  The equipment you select, the location and configurations are also paramount to the success of a good performing network.  Transportal Solutions is completely vendor agnostic, we are not on commission or persuaded by back handers, we promise to offer completely independent guidance on your network to ensure you see the full potential.

A good on-board network can save you money, ensuring your staff are productive at all times as well as providing additional revenue streams and marketing potential.  If you are looking to expand or diversify, a good network design will be adaptable and future-proof.

As an independent company, it is the expertise of our engineers that will guarantee you will get the right solution for your company.